I enjoy teaching because not only is it a mutually gratifying experience, but it allows me to illuminate the things that I find attractive about music and come at those topics from different perspectives depending on the type of student I am working with. Teaching, in and of itself is a refined art, just as much as writing and performing music. I love that head space.
— Aaron Marshall


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Modal Theory and Intervallic Phrasing
Take your lead work to the next level by delving into Aaron's approach to navigating the fingerboard and crafting unique lines that showcase your personality. In this class, you will learn the significance of modal orientation, targeted directly at the guitar and how to take advantage of various tonalities to add intrigue and variety to your playing.

Best known for his work with progressive instrumental outfit, Intervals, Aaron is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. With a knack for crafting compelling melodies, techy, thought provoking riffs, and memorable songs, Aaron is a distinguished voice in today’s progressive metal world and beyond.




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