I like teaching because I like to learn.
— Adam Elmakias


Anyone Can Be a Photographer

Adam Elmakias is a music photographer who believes in following your dreams and not settling for anything less. Learn how he got started and built his brand with little more than a cheap camera and a lot of determination. This workshop emphasizes how to get started in photography, but you can apply Adam’s advice to any career goal. So come hang out and bring lots of questions—it’ll be a good time. No camera or experience required. Interest in photography a plus but optional. 

Adam Elmakias is a traveling music photographer based out of San Diego, CA. When he’s not on the road with some of your favorite artists, he can usually be found hanging out with his cat Mark or playing Starcraft. 

Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, Adam battled depression throughout his childhood and high school years. To cope, he spent most of his time going to local shows and looking forward to Warped Tour every summer. Photography was never a natural or obvious career path; but after a surprisingly artistic submission to a self portrait assignment, a school counselor noticed untapped potential and encouraged Adam to get into photography. This same counselor even managed to score a free camera to help him get started. (+1 for teachers.) 

Combining his two hobbies of attending shows and taking photos was a no-brainer for Adam. From working out deals with local venues for free tickets to emailing the managers of national touring bands and arranging photo shoots when they came through town, Adam did everything possible to make a name for himself—for nothing but the love of music and photography. Photography gave life new meaning and helped him slowly pull himself out of depression. 

Adam’s motto is “live in the now.” You never know what will happen tomorrow, so figure out what you love today and let it consume you. Stay positive, do what you love, eat well, exercise, and love cats. These are the keys to life. 

Catch Adam on tour year-round with artists such as A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, All Time Low, and Of Mice & Men. You can also find his work published in numerous publications such as AP, Rocksound, and Kerrang. This will be his 8th summer on Warped Tour. 





TEI Workshops are group educational experiences.  The workshops are not structured for meet and greets, autograph signings, or individual photo opportunities with Gurus.  Please be respectful of these guidelines.