Your story matters; your voice is important. The world is waiting for you- for your song- but we will never hear it if you feel trapped where you are, letting fears in your head and scars from your past hold you back. Let me show you how to turn your pain into compelling, authentic art, while rewriting your story and rising above depression, anxiety, and fear of what other people think.
— Ariel


Turn Your Pain Into Art

You have big dreams but sometimes it feels like you can’t start your band until your get all your issues figured out. I know that feeling-how can you help your fans when you're still a mess? Let me show you how to stop letting fear hold you back, and find the confidence you need to express yourself and inspire the world through your music. I will teach you how to keep your sanity while climbing to the top, and how to prioritze what actually matters to you.
Depression does not have to hold you back. Anxiety does not have to cloud your future. Overcome your demons and learn how to move forward making the music you were born to create.

ICON FOR HIRE frontwoman, Ariel (“R-E-L”), is a Swedish born fashion designer who designs and personally makes clothing for her own fashion line, Custom Catastrophes. Additionally, she hosts THE REL SHOW which went #1 iTunes Music Video Podcast 16 weeks in a row, Top 10 overall. Ariel is also the star of DIY Network’s “Sewing With Flames” & HGTV’s ‘Smart Home’ Front Door series.

Icon For Hire's latest self-titled, sophomore album, Icon For Hire, debuted #11 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart, and #5 Alternative iTunes. Their videos for "Make A Move”, "Get Well", and “Off With Her Head” have received over 15 million views on YouTube.

Their debut album, Scripted, marked a milestone as the highest charting debut album in their label’s history. The album debuted on the Billboard 200 Album chart, peaked at #4 on the iTunes Rock chart, and charted at 19 overall.