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Doing TEI workshops in 2015 was my favourite part of Warped. I’m excited to connect with fans again in a way not many artists get to, and give personalised advice for building a band.
— Benjamin Langford-Biss

Workshop description:

The Real Backstage: Building a Band Beyond the Music

From social media to image to guerrilla marketing there is a million ways to enhance your band and yet it’s still so easy to get lost online amongst so many other artists. Learn how to stand out in a very saturated internet world and what does (and doesn’t) work in taking your band to the next level. In this interactive workshop I want to make it as personal as possible to help guide you towards making your band your career. In 2018, there’s so much more to this than music, and that’s a very good thing.

Growing up on MySpace, AIM, and guy-liner Pete Wentz, Benjamin Langford-Biss always wanted to be in a band. After a few failed bands in school and an attempt at being a teenage solo artist (don’t bother trying to find it), Benjamin met Patty Walters at University and started As It Is. After a couple of years of uphill battles to play more than the local Brighton venue and to be taken seriously as band, As It Is signed to Fearless Records in 2014 and since have recorded 3 full length records and toured the world countless times. Benjamin is excited to talk about his 6 years of experience in the industry, from crowd-funding to labels to lawyers to management to Instagram, he’s seen a lot in six years.





A group photo will be taken at every TEI Workshop. Photos will be uploaded to sorted by city and will be available for download and posting. Please tag us! @thinktei #thinktei

TEI Workshops are group educational experiences.  The workshops are not structured for meet and greets, autograph signings, or individual photo opportunities with Gurus. Please be respectful of these guidelines. A separate Vans Warped Tour ticket is needed to attend the workshop (buy here).

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Headshot and live shot: Ian Coulson