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2 years ago I had the pleasure to both speak and listen to some of the strongest people I have ever met in my life. I have been longing to feel those connections that were formed in our daily groups every day since the last day of Warped Tour 2016, and I am so honored that I have another chance to be a part of something so powerful again. I look forward to sharing many more personal stories of my life experiences and techniques in which I have utilized over the years to help me grow and find peace within myself. I want to create a space in which my peers can feel comfortable to share whatever they most need to and benefit from the advice and experience of those around them.
— Chris Motionless



In this workshop Chris Motionless will discuss the universal hardships of finding your voice and your identity in life. He will highlight his personal struggles regarding self doubt, negative criticism, and being comfortable in his own skin. With the intention of igniting a deeply connected group discussion, Chris hopes to create an environment in which all attendees can feel comfortable to share their own personal stories and feelings, as well as offer advice to fellow peers on how to approach life in helpful ways they may never have considered before.

An industrial city situated in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you could say Scranton quietly prides itself on a tried-and-true Rust Belt blue-collar work ethic. For their fourth full-length album and first for Roadrunner Records Graveyard Shift, Motionless In White—Chris Motionless [Vocals], Ricky Horror [Guitar], Ryan Sitkowski [Guitar], Ghost [Bass], and Vinny Mauro [Drums]—dug into the roots of their hometown’s pervasive attitude. “We’re a band that came out of the small town blue-collar spirit,” affirms Chris. “We put ten years into growing this and working hard to do what we love the most. We look forward to putting in another ten. Both the area we come from and the fan base brought us to this point. Graveyard Shift is all about that work ethic. It’s been instilled in us. Early on, we realized if you give the time and effort to chase a dream, it’s possible to achieve it by the sheer amount of drive and passion you have.”

Since 2006, that ethos has fueled Motionless In White’s rise to the upper echelon of modern rock. Albums such as 2010’s Creatures and Infamous in 2012 would galvanize a rabid fan base around the quintet. During 2014, Reincarnate reached new heights, bowing at #9 on the Billboard Top 200 and claiming #1 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums Chart. The title track and lead single turned into a Top 20 Active Rock smash and notched 13.2 million YouTube views and 9.8 million Spotify streams. Simultaneously, they have shared stages alongside everyone from Slipknot, Korn, and Breaking Benjamin to A Day To Remember and Marilyn Manson in addition to making arresting festival appearances at Warped Tour, Aftershock, Rock On The Range, Rock Allegiance, and beyond.

Throughout its 12 tracks, the bands latest release, Graveyard Shift weaves together various personal vignettes. From embracing one’s dark side on “Necessary Evil” [feat. Jonathan Davis] to the hypnotic and humorous ode to Danny Elfman’s influential body of work, “Not My Type (Dead As Fuck 2),” the record remains unpredictable at every turn. “Eternally Yours” signals a first for the group. Scranton plays a subtle role in the overarching narrative itself. Chris can recall finding early inspiration in the city’s once fertile music scene, which slowly dissipated over the years. At the same time, he and his bandmates have transported that energy worldwide with Graveyard Shift.





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