For me teaching is a timeless connection, a chance for me to take my past and invest it in someone’s future. Passing knowledge is what makes this world go round, I just wanna help it spin.
— Davey Muise


Finding Your Voice

Davey Muise has a lot of insight into the music industry and learning how to harness emotions and use them to fuel his fire. In these open discussion workshops, students will learn the methods and tools Davey has used in his fight to find himself and his place in music and the world. Workshops will focus on capturing those negative points in life and turning them into something positive thru a creative outlet; May that be lyrics, song writing, or instruments. His hope is that thru the pain, joy, love and hate, you start finding your voice. 

A former school teacher and DIY musician, Davey Muise now stands on stages worldwide as the frontman of Boston based alternative punk rock band, VANNA. He lives his life by not only following his heart and pursuing his passions without fear of judgment but taking those passions and sharing them with as many people as possible. Every day for Davey is a mission to grow and conquer both personally and professionally.

Dedicated to creative energy and harnessing the raw element of making music, Davey balances structure and flow and everything he writes. With well over a decade of music writing, editing and preforming, Davey takes what he knows about performing live and tries to capture that inside every lesson he gives.





A group photo will be taken at every TEI Workshop. Photos will be uploaded to sorted by city and will be available for download and posting. Please tag us! @thinktei #thinktei

TEI Workshops are group educational experiences.  The workshops are not structured for meet and greets, autograph signings, or individual photo opportunities with Gurus. Please be respectful of these guidelines. A separate Vans Warped Tour ticket is needed to attend the workshop (buy here).

Photo credit:
Headshot shot by Rebecca Slaughter
Live shot by Ashley Osborn