What is a TEI workshop?

A TEI workshop gives you the opportunity to spend 40 minutes backstage in a small group conversation with some of your favorite artists playing on the Vans Warped Tour! Workshops range from instrument lessons to in depth conversations about touring, life hardships, creating music, and much more. 

How long do workshops last and do they happen during Warped Tour?

Workshops last up to 45 minutes and take place during the Vans Warped Tour in the same venue. Note, this year Lisa Johnson's Life in the Pit workshops will be for 60 minutes. 

Why aren't you having workshops in Canada?

There will be no workshops on July 17 in Toronto, ON. When the tour crosses the border, we can never plan when bands will get to the venue and it is a very hectic day; we would hate to have to cancel them. We appreciate your understanding. 

I purchased a ticket to a workshop for a future date, what time is my workshop?

Workshop schedules are announced each day while on the Vans Warped Tour! Make sure to check out our socials, our website, and your email for your workshops schedule the morning of your date. Workshop schedules can also be found the day of at our tent, from our sellers walking around, and some of our gurus' band's merch tents. The workshop schedule will be posted on our website every morning at: thinktei.com/warpedschedule. Note, if you purchased a workshop ticket for Lisa Johnson's Life In the Pit, that will start one hour after doors (usually 12 pm except in Mansfield and Dallas: 1 pm) 


Do I have to buy tickets online?

No! You can also purchase tickets at our TEI tent! However, our workshops have sold out in the past so we recommend if you do plan on going to a workshop you get tickets asap. 


Can I buy a ticket to more than one workshop?

Yes! You can attend as many workshops as you want!


Can I record or take photos during my workshop?

Because we don't want to ruin the experience for future workshop attendees, no live streaming, professional video recording or photo taking is allowed. You may take photos / videos on your phone for social media and Snapchat as long it's not distracting. If it becomes distracting you may be asked to stop.
A group photo will be taken at the end of each workshop as posted on our website. You will be able to find photos by clicking INFO next to your city. Because we are on the road, this can take up t a couple days - thanks for your understanding in advance! Sorry but because of time restrictions and the amount of people, no selfies will be allowed unless a guru approves. 


Can you tell me if my workshop will conflict with (insert band name here)’s set time?

No, we do not keep track of all the bands’ set times during the Vans Warped Tour. We recommend you check the time of your workshop either online or at our TEI tent as well as the set times of whatever band you are trying to see at their booth.


Where can I find my workshop photos?

Each workshop’s photo will be made available on the City’s INFO page that can be found at thinktei.com/warpedtour. It may take us up to 24 hours to upload all the photos to our site while we are on the road.


I can’t find my photo!

Try going here and clicking INFO next to your city. Still can't find it? Email us at think@thinktei.com 


I couldn’t make it to my workshop/ I didn’t see the schedule and I missed it! Can I get a refund?

We apologize but refunds are only issued if a workshop gets cancelled. Please make sure to check our website, social media, and TEI tent on site for workshop schedules every morning.


The workshop got cancelled, can I get a refund?

Yes, we will issue refunds to anyone that purchased a ticket with if a workshop gets cancelled. The refund may take up to 7 days to process.


I bought my ticket with cash at the tent, can I still get a refund?

Yes! If you workshop gets cancelled and you bought a ticket with cash you can still get a refund. Please reach our to our TEI workers at the tent so they can help you. 


What if two of my workshops overlap?

In this case we’d either refund you one of the tickets or move you to a different workshop.


Can my parent come to the workshop with me for free?

This year we have changed our policy for parents wanting to attend a workshop with their child. (1) parent (age 28 and older) will be permitted to accompany a child (under the age of 16) with a PAID TICKET to the workshop for FREE. This is to mirror the same Parent Ticket policy enforced by the Vans Warped Tour. More information about that here.

Are there age restrictions for any of the workshops?

No, anyone any age can attend one of our workshops! 


Do I need to know how to play an instrument or sing to take your various workshops?

No! No skills are required to take our workshops, only a passion to listen and learn!


Can I bring my DSLR camera for Lisa Johnson’s workshop?

Yes! You can bring in whatever camera you’d like. You will get a press pass that will allow you to use it during the show.


Do I need to bring my own instrument to the workshops?

No! All necessary equipment will be provided for you at the workshop.


I'm playing in one of the bands on Warped Tour and I saw it says I need a Warped Tour ticket to attend. Do I need one too?

No! If you already are playing or volunteering with an organization that includes access to the Vans Warped Tour you do not need a Warped Tour ticket. However, you still need to purchase a workshop ticket.