I love teaching because I believe that all knowledge should be shared with everyone, especially those willing to learn. I’ve been through a lot of ups & downs in life and I feel as if I can help give back by teaching these classes.
— Fronz


Be an Entrepreneur and Build a Career You Love

Fronz has embraced the entrepreneurial spirit since a young age. He understands the importance of creating a cohesive brand for yourself and how to incorporate that into all of your creative endeavors to develop a career you love.

Not everyone is comfortable working a 9-5 at a job they hate. If you are interested in being a self-made entrepreneur that works for YOURSELF, then this is the class for you. Let me help you take the necessary steps to living a life you love.

Chris Fronzak, widely known as “Fronz”, is an American musician that is heavily involved in business and entrepreneurship. He started his first business at the age of 10, when he would sell lightly used golfballs to people in his community. He quickly developed a business oriented mindset that allowed him to grow into the person he has become today.

On top of being in Attila, Fronz owns a clothing line called Stay Sick, a record label, and a brand new photo sharing app called Spur! He is also involved with various other promotional marketing agencies. He believes the key to acquiring wealth is having multiple sources of income and pursuing things that you are truly passionate about. 

Fronz is only 25 years old. He grew up in Atlanta, GA but currently resides in Orlando, FL. He will be on Vans Warped Tour ALL Summer long teaching an exclusive class to anyone that cares to learn more about becoming an entrepreneur and pursuing the things they are passionate about.






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