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Whether you are a fellow musician or avid
listener, no matter what life throws your way, there is always a way
out through positivity and moving forward.
— Hawthorne Heights

Workshop description:

How To Remain Positive During Dark Times: The Hawthorne Heights Story

After years of meeting our fans at the merch table and in the crowd after shows, we've always considered ourselves a very reachable band. We would love to take this opportunity to curate a formal hang out session with the people who have helped fuel our career, and keep us here over the years.

While telling the story of Hawthorne Heights, we are excited to hear about your story as well. We'll describe how the band has overcome multiple peaks and valleys, during their lives and careers over the past 14 years. In an ocean full of ships, why not be propelled by a sail, not held back by an anchor?

You can ask the band anything you want about life and their career. Don't be afraid! This workshop is an opportunity to spend time with Hawthorne Heights and for them to spend time getting to know you as well.

Through the years of being in Hawthorne Heights, we've had to overcome many challenges and dark times. These experiences have become some of the most important moments in our lives. Navigating through the music industry. as well as life in general, to find positivity has always been a worthwhile struggle and unpredictable focus of this band.



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