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Jen Kellogg’s Producing and Touring Live Events class at Columbia College was by far one of my favorite classes of my academic career at Columbia College. She brought her years of first hand experience and knowledge to the class by giving us the most hands on experience without renting a bus and taking the class on tour. Her class opened my eyes to all the little details that can go unnoticed or easily overlooked by a production or tour manager that can make or break the whole operation.

Jen’s inspiring and uplifting attitude towards teaching the class made our experience even more worthwhile. I am very happy that I took Jen’s class and would recommend it to anyone looking to start their career in the music industry.
— Max Novoselac, former student at Columbia College Chicago

It is rare to be able to network with someone so established in the industry and have them answer your questions directly. Jen offers valuable insight and advice on how to not only start your career, but also how to navigate through it and find fulfillment once you’re in.
— Donell Lewis, Jen Kellogg: Concert Industry Career Advice

Concert Tour Accountant

I still frequently think of my mentor from my college concert committee and the impact he had on my life and future. I’m lucky to now be able to pay it forward and develop the next generation of our industry. I strive to have my students look back in 20 years and remember my time with them as valuable and essential to their careers.
— Jen Kellogg

Jen Kellogg is currently the tour accountant for the Vans Warped Tour, co-founder of The Entertainment Institute, and instructor at Columbia College Chicago.  Jen started her career at SCOPE Productions at the University of Iowa before becoming a talent buyer at Jam Productions, where as part of a team, she bought for theatres, arenas and stadiums.  Jen was instrumental in developing tours in minor league baseball parks with artists including Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Def Leppard, Bryan Adam and the Counting Crows. Jen is not only an expert in large outdoor concert productions but has produced and settled shows in every type of venue imaginable.  She shares her knowledge with the next generation of concert industry professionals by teaching Producing and Touring Live Performances at Columbia College Chicago and Co-Founding The Entertainment Institute. She is also the Controller and Festival Accountant for Pilgrimage Music Festival and Content Creator and Advisor for Launch Music Conference and Festival


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Jen Kellogg's Curated Collection

Jen Kellogg's Curated Collection

Book: Ticketmasters

"A fantastic history of the concert industry arriving at where we are today.  Must read for any promoter, agent, manager or tour manager." - JK

NYTNow App

"The perfect quick way to start your day.... the top stories you need to get a brief overview of what is happening in the world.  And it lets you know how long it will take you to read the full article, so you can choose to dig in now, or save it for later."  - JK

Movie: No Room for Rockstars

" I love this movie - not because it's the tour I work on - but because it's a deep look at what it takes to be a successful band on tour. You get a behind-the-scenes look of the tour as it follows the VERY different journeys of four artists over the course of the 2010 Vans Warped Tour. You'll also get a pretty good look at how I spend my summer. You can see me in the background of the "production office in San Diego" scene.  - JK

Pelican Case

"Essential to road life, Pelican cases are indestructible.  This one is the perfect size for all my office stuff.  And I can keep it with me - it rides in the bay on the bus - unlike a big road case that has to get loaded on a truck before I'm done settling" -JK

Evernote App

"I don't know how I lived before this perfect digital file cabinet.  Its the ideal place to stick every little random bit of info or note to be easily search for and referenced later.  Frequent flyer numbers, recipes I want to try, interior design ideas, bands I want to check out - everything goes in there." -JK


10 Keypad

"Anyone who works with a lot of numbers MUST 10-key.  This one is bluetooth and not only is a 10 keypad for the computer but is also a calculator.  A tour accountant's best friend." - JK

Etymotic Headphones

"My thorough-researching audiophile husband found these for me, and I LOVE them!  The sound quality is great, both with music, videos, and talking on the phone. and they're super comfortable.  Excellent value for the money." - JK

Life - Bus 3 Family Vacations

 "My tour family doesn't take for granted our opportunity to see the country.  On the Vans Warped Tour we spend our days off checking out all the local sites - Mount Rushmore, Graceland, Niagara Falls, and everything in between.  We finish off the day with some great local food, maybe some drinks on the bus, a friendly game of cee-lo, and roll onto the next gig." -JK


"My go-to restaurant recommendation site when I'm on the road and need some amazing food on a day off." -JK