I love teaching because it allows me to help motivate others who are passionate about improving their craft. Teaching not only helps my students’ songwriting abilities, but it helps open up avenues of thought in my own writing as well. So far, every person I’ve worked with in music has influenced my own creative process in different ways, showing me both the extreme differences in ‘songmenship’, and the unexpected similarities we share as well. Music is a bridge between strangers, and one of the best ways to cross that bridge is through cooperative writing sessions and passionate lessons. I love being creative, the challenge of turning a blank page into a song has, and will always, fascinate me.
— Joe Boynton


Vocal and Songwriting Technique

Joe Boynton can help you develop a very clear, loud, and powerful voice that is also capable of subtle dynamics. Let him discuss his songwriting techniques and how he incorporates feel into his vocals.

I grew up in a town called Saugus, Massachusetts (Northshore of Boston). I fell in love with music at a very early age listening to my parents vinyl collection (The Beatles, Black Sabbath, and George Throgood) .

By middle school, I started finding more and more bands on my own thanks to mixtapes, close friends and the skateboard video game (Tony Hawk Pro Skater series). I started skateboarding and going small shows in Salem, Massachusetts around age 15.  

These shows helped introduce me to punk, hardcore, and indie rock.

High school through college, I studied architecture and engineering for 9 years. In 2005, I sang and played guitar in short lived hardcore band called Breaking Waves, until I joined a local band called Transit in 2006. 

Our first tours were playing basements, sharing vans and equipment with other bands. Our overall goal with Transit has always been to make every album completely different and more unique than the last. 

The best part I get out of touring in a band, is that it opens up my overall perspective on life. Living out of a van, studying the different landscapes passing by the window, performing in front of / meeting new people every night hits you like a wave. I grew up a quiet middle child in a pretty loud family, and never thought I’d be doing anything remotely like this.  

Transit is 7 years strong and still recording, still performing, touring, and we’re loving every second of it. 






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