Getting started in the music industry is hard, and there isn’t one set pathway to success. I hope by teaching the next generation of musicians the ins and outs I’ve learned from the music industry I can help them accomplish their goals and beyond.
— Jordan Stewart


Get Your Band on Tour

Jordan Stewart is a founding member of Emarosa and certainly knows a thing or two about being in a band. He's had to develop a team around his band, get the band out on tour, and has had to take a DIY approach to things since the beginning, which has really shaped the way Emarosa and the team behind the band work together. Take advantage of this class and learn more about how Jordan has pushed things forward for Emarosa since day one!

As a founding member of Emarosa, I have had part in releasing 3 LPs, 2 EPs, and spent nearly 10 years in the music industry. I quickly learned the responsibilities of being a band extend well beyond just making the music they love. I've been able to grow and learn myself with Emarosa touring with extensively nationally and internationally for a few years, playing everything from small bars to large festivals along the way.






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