Helping others expand their knowledge & improve their craft is a great feeling; it’s bigger than yourself.
— Luke Holland


Tricks of the Trade and Advice in the Moment

Luke Holland knows a thing or two about building a career in the music industry. In this online workshops he will discuss the craft of being a drummer and how he has used this to develop an online presence and maintain followers. Along with this he will answer questions related to performing, touring, being in a band and much more!


My name is Luke Holland. I was born & raised in Peoria, Arizona, June 14, 1993, making me almost 22 years old! I started drumming about 11 years ago, & really started taking it seriously when I joined drumline in high school. After 3 semesters of that, I began making drum covers & posting them online. A few years later, I'm at over 40 million views & almost 300k subscribers. I've been playing for The Word Alive for over 3 years & I have seen the world with them. I've been teaching for around 4 years as well!