Music is all about community. I don’t write songs so I can play them in my bedroom. I write songs so I can get up there on stage and connect with people, so we can have a shared experience. Teaching is the same way. It’s not as interesting keeping the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years to myself. If I can inspire somebody to pick up an instrument or a pencil, well, there isn’t anything more gratifying and enjoyable than that. Also, I’ve had such invaluable and caring teachers throughout my career, I want to carry on that tradition and give back what I’ve received.
— Meg Frampton


Join Jess Bowen of The Summer Set and Meg Frampton of Meg & Dia to discuss the complex nature of personal identity. Both are accomplished women who have experienced the highs and lows of self-discovery, each with their own stories about their personal and professional experiences within and outside of the music industry.

Jess Bowen has toured the world and released multiple records with established pop-rock band The Summer Set since 2007. She has become a top role model for aspiring female drummers. Meg Frampton, who has performed with the likes of Meg & Dia, Kate Nash, and Hilary Duff, has balanced a career as both a guitarist and jewelry designer for her line Chandler The Robot. This is your chance to Speak Up about your own experiences in an intimate panel-style discussion and Q&A with Jess and Meg.

With her younger sister and best friends, Meg Frampton spent most of her twenties playing guitar, touring the world and releasing half a dozen records for the alternative rock band Meg & Dia. Along with playing the Vans Warped Tour for multiple summers, Meg & Dia shared stages with bands such as Angels and Airwaves and Dashboard Confessional.

To channel her artistic energy outside of music, Meg ventured into jewelry design and in 2011 started her own successful line of polymer clay jewelry called Chandler The Robot. In addition to her web store, she has opened shop at Unique LA, Craft Lake City, and 626 Night Market.

Meg now runs Chandler The Robot full time, but has continued to play music by performing with the likes of Kate Nash and Hilary Duff.