I’m excited to dig into this class on songwriting again. We will go over the basics and discuss how I’ve approached the art over the past year. Hell, maybe we can write a song together! At the end I’d love to do a Q & A on the music industry and my experience with it. Truth is, I wish I had the opportunity to sit with some heroes of mine and musicians I looked up to for even a fraction of the time these classes are, so I love the idea of being able to do that for my fans and hopefully I can impart some wisdom for them.
— Christofer Drew


Songwriting, Lyrics and Melody

Christofer Drew has been making music as Never Shout Never since 2007. As of late 2014, the band has released 5 studio albums and 9 EP’s. His experience performing solo and with a full band gives him great perspective on the songwriting process. Learn about writing lyrics and developing interesting melodies in his songwriting workshops.

Never Shout Never began as a one-man band featuring Christofer Drew, a Missouri native whose songs straddle the border between emo and acoustic singer/songwriter fare. A product of the digital age, Drew originally built a fan base by posting his bright, soul-baring music to the Internet. After averaging over 15,000 online plays a day, he made Never Shout Never legitimate in 2008 by releasing his first recording, the Yippee EP. The Hot Topic clothing chain featured Yippee in its stores, and an appearance on MTV's TRL helped promote it. Several months later, Drew entered the recording studio with veteran producer Butch Walker to record an eight-song "mini album," What Is Love?, which cracked the Top 40 upon its release in early 2010. A slightly longer release, Harmony, appeared several months later. Looking to change things up, Drew stepped away from the singer/songwriter sound and recorded his next album with a full band. The result was his spacy third album, Time Travel, which was released in 2011.




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