We enjoy and look forward to giving those interested a closer look at the intimate operations of our band and approaches to songwriting, and encourage you where possible to try and write within strong, close partnerships to help further your creativity.
— Patty Walters and Benjamin Biss


Lyrics & Songwriting Dynamics 

Patty Walters and Benjamin Biss have the right idea when it comes to fronting a band. Look good, sound good, and work smart! Learn about their process for songwriting and how they navigate through this awesome music business.

We are Ben Biss and Patty Walters - vocalists, lyricists, and two of the founding members of As It Is. Our band was formed in 2012 and has since become the first UK band to sign to Fearless Records. 

There’s no one member of our band that writes the majority of our material, which is just as much true of our lyrics. Although our lyric writing process is done together as a duo, we like to think our techniques and strengths differ and compliment the other’s. In our collective humble opinion, our partnership produces a result greater than our individual efforts, and has forced us to overcome bad habits and insecurities in writing lyrics.





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