It’s been a long journey throughout my career, and I’ve learned a lot from my peers and everything I’ve experienced. I remember all of the tips and advice that have carried me until now, and I’m looking forward to passing that onto a future generation. I wouldn’t be here without that guidance, and if I can provide someone with the tools or knowledge to expedite their success, then it’s an even greater reward for me.
— Paul Koehler


Developing Your ‘Roll’ as A Drummer

Paul has been performing with Silverstein for over 15 years. Beyond drumming for them, he has helped build them from the ground up working in all areas of their development as a band. Learn about his drumming style and experiences touring all over the world. Topics include warm-ups, developing techniques, preparing for the stage and studio, writing parts that compliment your music and defining yourself and becoming a career musician. 

A founding member and drummer of the post-hardcore group Silverstein for over 15 years, starting at the age of 16.  Having toured the world performing in 40 countries, Paul has played over 1800 shows from national clubs to massive international festivals.  He has been an integral part of the team behind the band, working in all areas of their artist development.  Recorded over 100 songs, Silverstein’s catalog sales surpass 1 million units worldwide.  Paul’s experience ranges from Graphic Design to Tour Logistics, Career Management, and more.  He also follows a Straight Edge, Vegan lifestyle.




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