Playing the guitar is very cool and almost everyone agrees on this very basic principle. I want to help people be cool.
— Paul Marc Rousseau


Paul Marc’ll learn ya the guitar

Paul grew up in a musical family and has been playing instruments his entire life. Learn his favorite guitar techniques and practice methods in his guitar/songwriting workshops. Topics include maximum guitar riffonomics (basic guitar skills). how to write a good song even if you don't think you can, better living through effects pedals, and stage moves 101.

I grew up the son of a piano teacher and began learning music at a very young age. After hearing Green Day’s Dookie, I made the decision to stop playing piano and start playing guitar. Now that I’m old I wish I hadn’t done that- playing the piano is a skill that would probably be a lot more impressive at parties and Billy Joel songs just don’t sound right on guitar. It’s probably all for the best, however, as I’m very pleased to play the guitar in Silverstein. My hobbies include eating lettuce and not watching movies, but extend as far as cleaning my apartment and reading about hockey on the internet. I’ve been told I’m not that nice a person but I promise I’ll be nice to you if you choose to be my student.