I’ve always been a fan of using lots of different pieces of equipment in my rig, and doing so has helped me hone in on a simple system that I now use worldwide. With the help of just a few key items I am able to achieve the tone I desire both in the studio and on stage. Let me show you how I do it.
— Ryan Neff


Bass Technique

Ryan Neff is passionate about teaching students the proper approach to perfecting their bass technique. From scales and warm ups to choosing the right gear this class is a great workshop for students of all skill levels. 

Levi is also leading Conversations with Levi Benton! Click here for tickets. 

Raised on a diet of Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails, Ryan Neff first picked up a bass guitar whilst at High School. It was the one constant at a time when he had no other goals or hobbies. His one desire was to be able to play along to all his favorite metal tracks. 

Just as with his studies (Neff was a straight A student no less), Ryan was dedicated and focussed in his learning of the instrument, soon progressing from picking out the notes of Nirvana's 'Breed' (the first song he ever learned to play) to joining his first band.

With Jeordie White and Sean Yseult as his heroes, it's unsurprising that his first band was a metal band. He joined it in December of 2005 and was obsessively involved in every aspect of the band, from the song writing and creative right through to the booking of shows and logistics. However, his love of industrial and alternative metal was at odds with the metalcore stylings of the band and by 2007 had jumped ship to his second band- a much more technical affair that led to him taking up lessons to get his playing to the standard he needed it to be at.

Just as with his first band, the second didn't bring Ryan fame and fortune (not directly anyway). It did however lead him to meet Levi Benton and the other members of what would become Miss May I. Ryan managed a week at college before Levi convinced him to quit and join Miss May I. But after a brief stint in the band, things were not working out and Ryan bailed.

After this brief time in the band, Ryan watch Miss May I's star ascend as he struggled to get by. Working in a pet store, quite literally cleaning shit, a year later Ryan had sold everything he had to try and make things work and was literally down to his last bass guitar. It was at this point, when he was at his lowest ebb, that Ryan got the lifeline call from Levi. They wanted him to rejoin the band. In a heartbeat, he quit his job and flew to Houston to get ready for his first show back.

From there, everything began to progress at a rapid rate for Miss May I, and indeed Ryan. For Miss May I and Ryan, the story is just beginning, but it is already one littered with the highs and indeed lows that all great bands have. Stay tuned as there is much more to come...





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