I love teaching because I’ve gone down a road where no one taught me anything, and I’ve had to learn from my mistakes. I wish when I was younger that I’d have someone to help guide me and figure out where I wanted to go in my career. I hope I can do that for someone in my class and make a difference.
— Ryan Seaman


So You Want to be in the Music Industry

Getting into the music industry takes hard work and dedication. Ryan Seaman has been able to develop a respectable resume for himself and he wants to share what he’s learned along the road with you. Whether you’re trying to get your band noticed or you’re a budding photographer, Ryan will answer questions and give  advice to help you achieve your goals. 

Ryan Seaman has been a professional drummer in the music industry for 13 years and has played on countless records in the Warped Tour community as well as getting his start on Warped in 2002. He has played and filled in for lots of bands on the Warped Tour circuit that include: Falling In Reverse, Jeffree Star, Vanna, My Favorite Highway, Aiden, The Bigger Lights, I Am Ghost, The Eyeliners, Hunter Revenge(of AFI), and Matchbook Romance. He speaks at schools around America talking about marketing, drumming, and what it takes to survive in the music Industry, and this summer he is here to share his knowledge with you. 






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TEI Workshops are group educational experiences.  The workshops are not structured for meet and greets, autograph signings, or individual photo opportunities with Gurus. Please be respectful of these guidelines. A separate Vans Warped Tour ticket is needed to attend the workshop (buy here).

Photo credits:
Headshot: Lisa Johnson Rock Photographer
Live photo by Jenn Curtis