We can’t wait to meet our fans and help them understand how to tour as a musician in a full time touring band. And we love talking all things guitar!
— Sam Bowden & Matt West

Workshop description:

The Art of Riffing

Participate in a light-hearted guitar workshop focusing on individual playing styles, how to handle playing in a live environment and a general gear rundown. We'll talk about a good basic set up to get you started touring and on the road. This will be focused more on the fun and live side to music rather than deep theory. We'll answer any questions you have as well, whether it be related to playing guitar, touring or just being in a band in general!

With this workshop we want to arm you with tools to take to the stage and get you ready to get on the road and start touring. We want to talk about how even if you aren't the most technically skilled guitarist in the world, you can still make a big impact when it comes to your onstage performance.  There's a place in a band for anyone, let us help you find yours!  Starting out can be hard, especially when it comes to selecting the right gear.  We'll get you up to speed on the basics of touring and help you choose the equipment you need to get you riffing on stage.  We'll also touch on the subject of mustering up the courage to get on stage for the first time and how to overcome any fears and anxieties you might have about being in front of a crowd.  This workshop is for everyone, it doesn't matter if you've only been playing guitar for a week or if you're a sweep picking fret wizard who can run the fretboard blindfolded, or you don't even have to play guitar! We want to help you get off of the ground as a musician and get you into the big wide world of touring.





A group photo will be taken at every TEI Workshop. Photos will be uploaded to thinktei.com/warpedtour sorted by city and will be available for download and posting. Please tag us! @thinktei #thinktei

TEI Workshops are group educational experiences.  The workshops are not structured for meet and greets, autograph signings, or individual photo opportunities with Gurus. Please be respectful of these guidelines. A separate Vans Warped Tour ticket is needed to attend the workshop (buy here).