SayWeCanFly and TheLedaBunny's Community Conversation

This is a discussion. It’s not a class, or a workshop. Braden Barrie of SayWeCanFly and TheLedaBunny will share their stories and experiences to get things started, but they're really there to listen to what you have to say. They want to know about your life, where you're from, your family, your friends, your goals, your daily challenges, your outlook, your art, your music, your passions... ANY and ALL topics are welcome. There are no stupid questions and there will absolutely be no judgement. Please don't be shy - this will be a safe, relaxed and supportive environment to bond as a community. 

A representative from Hope For The Day, a suicide prevention and mental health education non-profit, will be present for each TEI Talk on this tour. They will moderate the conversation and provide experienced support for any attendees who may be at risk. 

TEI, Braden, and Leda will donate one dollar from each TEI Talk ticket to Hope For The Day. Separate tickets are needed to attend both the TEI Talk and the Concert. TEI Talk tickets and Concert tickets can be purchased via the links below.

TEI Workshops are group educational experiences.  The workshops are not structured for meet and greets, autograph signings, or individual photo opportunities with Gurus.  Please be respectful of these guidelines.