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It’s so important for communities to connect with each other and take care of themselves. Being part of that experience is really humbling and fulfilling.
— Shawna Potter

Workshop description:

Creating Safer Spaces: You Have the Power to Shape Your Scene

With hate crimes and harassment on the rise, knowing how to be a good ally to your fellow punks is more important than ever. "No Sexism, No Racism, & No Homophobia Allowed" is a great idea, but how do you implement it in real life? And what is it missing? This workshop should help people recognize some of the privileges they walk around with, as well as provide some skills on how to use it for good. You'll leave with concrete methods to be a better ally for folks that experience all kinds of discrimination in your local scene. Whether you play in a band, book shows, take photos, or just wanna mosh - you have the power to create a safer scene.

Shawna Potter is an advocate, an activist, and an educator. She currently sings for feminist punk band, War On Women, runs the Safer Spaces Campaign for the Baltimore chapter of Hollaback!, which she founded, and repairs amplifiers and other musical equipment for Big Crunch Amp Repair, where she is also the manager. She is ordained to perform wedding ceremonies and watches too much TV.





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