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Warning: Tour Managing will be frustrating, stressful, unpredictable, chaotic, and extremely hazardous to your mental health. Theres no better job in the world.
— Jonathan Syverson
This isn’t just a job, its a lifestyle. I would love to share some of the knowledge, tips, and stories that I have gathered over the years with you so maybe your journey into crew-land can be a little smoother.
— Amanda Alison

Workshop description:

Tour Management 101

Get a crash course in Tour Management with Jon Syverson (Current Tour Manager of Andy Black & Black Veil Brides) & Amanda Alison (Tour Manager for William Control, Palaye Royale, & Hammerfall)! Find out what a day in the life of a tour manager looks like, hear stories from the road, and participate in a Q&A to help you get your start.


I have spent the last 20 years of my life touring the world.

I started out at the age of 17 as a touring musician. Once the band's touring schedule slowed down I realized there was no way I was going back to working dead-end jobs. Luckily, I somehow managed to talk myself onto a few more tours with friends who needed cheap roadies.

As I moved from city to city, I made sure to meet new people and make new contacts. Not too long after, life became busy. One tour would lead to another, and the tours and artists started getting bigger and bigger.

Touring would eventually open the door to job positions with local promoters, and crew / stage hand positions at local music venues. This was University of Life, I had no formal production or technical training up to that point so the local crews made sure to kick my butt over and over again until quit or I knew how to do my job.

After a few years of hard work, blood, sweat, and beers, I landed a job with full time artist, and transitioned into a full time Tour Manager


There are only two jobs I have ever wanted in life. The first one was being a doctor-in-space but once i hit the fourth grade I realized that dream was a little far-fetched so I moved onto my second life goal… being a tour manager. Which many have argued that being a young female TM is almost as far-fetched. I have battled people doubting me every single step of the way. Including my school councilors, teachers, friends, even my parents. But I did not give up. I coulden’t because, I knew from 11 years old that being on the road was the only life I could live & be happy at.

I was on my first professional tour when I was 16 years old as a merchandising manager & have been climbing the crew ladder ever since, doing any job i could to just stay on the road. I’m not going to lie to you, being a young female crew member in the music industry has been an uphill battle. Even though I have been touring now for 12 years, I still face stereotypes almost every single day of my life and I love to break them down. However the bottom line is, if you work hard and portray yourself with a since of respect then respect will follow. Take pride in yourself and your work, others will see that & want to keep you around.

Five years ago I finally was at the level to make tour managing my full-time job, staying on the road for at least 10 months out of the year. Working mostly in the 80’s Glam Rock band scene. Last year I was home a total of 32 days combined. As a crew member, you spend much more of your life on the road then the average band member. Working for multiple bands a year instead of just one. I often fly from tour to tour without ever seeing my home. Warped Tour is my fourth full US tour already for 2017. This isn’t just a job, its a lifestyle. I would love to share some of the knowledge, tips, and stories that I have gathered over the years with you so maybe your journey into crew-land can be a little smoother.

I currently tour manage William Control on Warped Tour. This year alone I have also TMed the bands: Palaye Royale, Hammerfall, and Delain.






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