Some of the most important things we’ve learned in life have been from one another in our times of need. Since learning how to self reflect we’ve never been afraid to share our findings and in doing so have become a band that stands for embracing personal power and emotional freedom. Tonight Alive’s lyrics are the first window to a deeper communication with our fans, our live show being the second and now we have the chance to speak face to face about anything and everything important. It’s extremely rewarding to evolve and be a part of that process for somebody else.
— Jenna McDougall & Whakaio Taahi


A Limitless Discussion

Join Tonight Alive backstage this summer for a conversation on all things Limitless. Learn about the personal trials that inspired and shaped the record, and how the will to overcome can be a difficult but important journey. Session leads into an open format where you can discuss songwriting or finding happiness and following your passions, letting you ask the questions that matter the most!

Since 2008, Tonight Alive have built a reputation as a dedicated Australian rock act, leaning on an early love of pop punk. The energetic five-piece were known for big guitars and even bigger melodies which helped them carve out a loyal fan base across the globe.

In 2016, they’ll break that mould, completely.

Their aptly-titled new album, Limitless, is an iconic, career-defining collection of songs, rooted in a timeless pop sensibility. Ambitious instrumentation and rhythms are given the space to truly shine as vocalist Jenna McDougall delivers an inspired, arresting performance bolstered by lyrics that pulse with emotional honesty.

Having successfully navigated a 24-month writing experience that saw them pen over 50 songs, the band decided to further throw themselves in the deep end, selecting multi-platinum, award-winning Canadian producer David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, Vertical Horizon, Paramore) to helm the recording, a man known for his tough love approach as well as his sonically stunning results. As musicians they would be pushed well out of their comfort zones. Bass player Cam Adler wasn’t initially certain they'd all even make it onto the record.

Looking back, they have nothing but praise for their producer and couldn’t be prouder of the results. Attention to detail was key and they placed no boundaries on the time or energy that could be spent in ensuring a song properly captured the meaning and intention behind it. McDougall dedicated eight days to perfecting “Oxygen”.

Unlike the journey to its completion, finding the right title for album was quick and painless. McDougall bounced it off the other members without contest, proving it to be the best summation of their unique approach to art, life and opportunity.

With Limitless, Tonight Alive arrive in 2016 as an original force on the global music scene, now on equal footing with the artists Bendeth compared them to, unchained from constraints of genre, self-doubt and external pressures.

“To me, really, it represents the whole progression to this point of letting go of boundaries and letting go of expectations. It’s also the sound of the record, that’s the one word association of the actual feeling that is evoked through those songs, through the lyrics and through the musicality. Limitless is what we want to represent and what we want to encourage in the lives of our listeners. We always like to challenge authority and we always like challenging expectations.”a




Condensed mash up from London! Unforgettable show! Thankyou to all who were there. 🤘

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Studio Shot: Peter Brew-Bevan
Jenna McDouggal Photo: Neal Walters
Whakaio Taahi Photo: Kolby Schnelli