Music, just like any form of art is a tricky business to navigate. There’s an ocean of knowledge and not enough experienced people that want to tell you the truth. In this workshop I would like to share some insight I’ve learned over the years about how to be creative, how to connect, how to do it all yourself and how to remain in control of your own destiny.
— William Control

Workshop description:

Control and the Art of DIY

If you want to quit your day job and focus solely on your art/music, learn how to create content that people care about, print your own merchandise, record and distribute your own albums and tour the world as your own boss then "Control and the art of DIY" is for you.

It's a new era for renowned producer, musician, author and visionary William Control. The Neuromantic Movement, his revitalized and romantic take on New Wave, has risen and Control is the conductor, sewing an ethereal, divine world of dance, darkness, romance and sensory satisfaction. It’s a movement derived from Control’s punk foundations—from a lifestyle that provides a zone for the disenfranchised to spit on the norm—that compels he and bandmates the Neuromantic Boys (Kenneth Fletcher, Ian MacWilliams and Ben Tourkantonis) to manipulate a long-held attitude and provide new sanctuary for the outcast. Here, in the Neuromantic movement, you’ll find no spit, but rather sensual salivation over exposed flesh and a novel way to dance—not to taunt, but to court death.

Neuromantic music is digging up all the good shit everyone's parents got into in the ‘80s and giving it to this generation. Everybody is angry and wants to be a part of punk music, and people think that's cool. Punk is always going to be cool, because it's dangerous. Neuromantic music has turned that violence into dancing. It's made dance music dangerous again.There are a lot of kids holding onto darkness, and that's usually expressed with violent behavior, aggressive clothing and loud shouting. The Neuromantic movement takes that same energy and refines it—it gives it a champagne glass instead of a broken beer bottle. It gives it a well-cut suit instead of cut-out jeans.

And there's nothing more dangerous than violence draped in the skin of refined beauty.





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Photo credit:
Headshot: Ryan Hodges
Live shot by Sarah Mankoff