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Our past situations do not define who we choose to become. Choose growth in the present, create hope in the future.
— Woody Woodrow

Workshop description:

Yoga & The Art Of Mindfulness: Tools For Life In A Chaotic Environment

This class will cover yoga, meditation, and other tools that deepen the connection between our mind and our body. Expect to leave relaxed, confident and relieved of both stress and anxiety. The tools we will discuss have the ability to clear our mind, step into our power and transform our life.

Woody is one of the founding members of Our Last Night and a certified yoga instructor. He balanced his yoga training while touring the world in 2013. His goal in becoming certified was to bring yoga and self-love to others by demystifying mindfulness and making it fun for everyone. He shares tools that relax and empower the mind while strengthening the connection to our body. He believes the way we practice yoga and mindfullness reflects the way we live.

Woody loves instructing yoga on tour before his shows and when he is off the road he hosts private online classes across the globe.

You can find him weekly on his youtube channel (youtube.com/woodywoodrowyoga) where he shares yoga and meditation through relaxing and informative videos made for all.





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